The SDRP Mobile Web App is an on-the-go reference guide for the wildlife, plants, history and geography of the San Dieguito River Valley.

To access the app, Google 'sdrp mobile' or type 'sdrpmobile.org' into your mobile device's web browser.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, the app can be downloaded to your device's home screen by pressing 'share' (bottom-center button on Safari browser) and selecting 'Add to Home Screen'.

Or if you prefer, the app can be run entirely within the device's browser. No download necessary.

Optimized for touch-enabled devices, the app makes use of three gestures for navigation. They are:

- tap (or click)

- scroll up/down

- scroll left/right (or 'swipe')

On the home page, swipe the SDRP logo and tap the buttons to access other sections.

Main sections:

- Wildlife

- Plants

- Explore

- Contact Us

The wildlife section classifies animals by group. Each species is depicted in a photo accompanied by a descriptive caption. Use horizontal 'swipe' to navigate.

Plants are grouped by ecological zone and displayed in a list view. Use vertical scroll to navigate.

Explore combines historical and geographical features with a focus on maps. You can:

- obtain current GPS location on a map of the trail you're hiking

- get driving directions to each of the Park's trailheads

- view more detailed trail maps

- view digital interpretive panels of the Lagoon Interpretive Walk, also accessible via QR code signs at the trail site

- read about the history of the San Dieguito River Valley.

Keep in mind, content is always being added so be sure to check back frequently.